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Chapter 3: Marketing Strategies

Noted: at the minutes 5:00  referring to customer behavior/ bargainers/ shoppers

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Mohamad Juferi bin Haji Mohammad
Dayangku Normaskuin binti Pengiran Duraman 
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Siti Norafizah binti Sahri 
Norfalizah binti Mustapa 
*Nurariffin bin Mansor
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Thursday, April 19, 2012

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Tutorial 1: SWOT Analysis

A quick introduction about the company.
(History/What they do? What type of business they do? etc.)

What does the company do well?
Is the company strong in its market?

What does the company do poorly?
What problems could be avoided?

Do new markets exist for the company?
Can new technologies be exploited?

What are competitors doing well?
Are there changes in the business environment?

What do you find from your research and analysis? Write your opinion based on your finding and summarize it all. (etc.)

Find the SWOT analysis for the following company:
3.hua ho
5.tiong hin
6. supa save
7. kota mutiara
8. mcDonald
9. jollibee
10. ayamku
11. baiduri bank
12. maybank
13. hsbc
14. incomm
15. BIBD
16. CIMB
17. empire
18. brunei hotel
19. rizqun hotel
20. sheratton hotel
21. JPMC jerudong medical center
22. Sing Clinic
23. The Mall Cineplex
24. Qlap Cineplex
25. M-Vision Cinema
26. Giant
27. BSM
28. BSP Brunei Shell Petroleum

1.  Micronet College
3. RTB
4. Jerudong Park
5. UBD
6. ITB

*Please update your answer on your blogspot. You don't have to write it on paper or type on MS Word, just straight away doing it on your blog.

Due date: 25 April 2012 (Wednesday)

Reflective Writing


(include date, time and, venue if appropriate)

What did I learn that was new to me?
What insights did this new knowledge give to me?
did it help me see something in a new light?
did it help me understand something that I didn’t understand before?
How do I think this might be useful (in my work practice, in my studies, in my life)?

How did I feel about what was done?
Did it affect me emotionally and if so how?
What did I like or enjoy and why?
What did I dislike and why?
What did I find easy to do or understand and why?
What did I find difficult or challenging to do or understand and why?

Is there any action that I will take as a result of what was done?
Do I need to plug further gaps in my knowledge?
Do I want to investigate or research further?

Sample of Reflective Writing:

eBusiness: Course Structure

Class Schedule:
Monday & Tuesday
6:30pm - 9:00pmLab 4

Material Source:
Textbook Electronic Commerce (7th Annual Edition)
Author: Gary P. Schneider, Ph. D., CPA
University of San Diego

Internal Assessments:Attendance - 10%
Reflective Writing - 10%
Tutorial - 10%
Activities - 10%
Test 1 - 20%
Test 2 - 20%
Test 3 - 20%

Total: 100%

External Assessments:
Assignment - 100%

Distinction: 70% and above
Merit: 60% - 69%
40% - 59%
Referral: 39% and below

Lecture 1: Introduction to eCommerce
Lecture 2: Revenue Models
Lecture 3: eMarketing Strategies
Lecture 4: Advertising & Brand Management
Lecture 5: eCommerce Business-to-Business Strategies
Lecture 6: Supply Chain Management
Lecture 7: Online Auctions
Lecture 8: Online Marketplaces, Communities & Portals
Lecture 9: Security Threat & Countermeasures For End User (Part 1)
Lecture 10: Security Threat & Countermeasures For End User (Part 2)
Lecture 11: Payment Systems for eCommerce
Lecture 12: Planning for eCommerce